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Caring for indoor air comfort

is a Harvey Family tradition!

Caring for indoor air comfort is a Harvey family tradition. When Brent was just 10 years old, Harvey’s dad, Don, started taking him on service and installation calls for heating and air conditioning systems.  Brent says, “Dad called me his ‘gopher’. He’d say, ‘Brent, gopher that screwdriver. Now gopher my flashlight.’” Brent continued the tradition with his own five sons, taking them out on calls as soon as they were old enough to hold a flashlight. Sons, Benjamin and Adam are both working full time doing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning.)

Over the years Brent has gained experience in all areas of the HVAC industry. In 1992, he and his wife, Sara, moved to Springville to join Don in owning and operating Springville’s own Harvey Heating and Air Conditioning.  He built a successful business than they sold in 2000.  In January of this year, he founded Spring Creek Mechanical.  His new company offers service, installation, and repair for heating, air conditioning systems; They also service water heaters, boilers, ductless splits, controls, VRF systems, solar, and geothermal. Brent is a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor and a journeyman plumber.

Brent and Sara raised their six children in Springville and have loved being a part of this community. The couple enjoys providing service in Utah County through the technical aspects of theater and live events. They served for a number of years on the board of the Springville-based Villa Institute for the Performing Arts, which serviced the Villa and Little Brown theaters.

Living and working in Utah’s ever-deteriorating air quality, Brent has become passionate about providing his customers with ways to make the air inside their homes clean and pure. Spring Creek Mechanical focuses on creating and maintaining clean, comfortable indoor air through air duct cleaning, high quality filtration, and UV lights. He provides individualized analysis of current HVAC systems and can help clients lower energy costs by optimizing the energy efficiency of current and new systems.

~Spring Creek Mechanical

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